Adult manual wheelchairs

Motum stocks a broad range of fixed, folding and tilt-in-space manual wheelchairs.
We have carefully selected these products and we believe they are outstanding in terms of responsiveness, adaptability, build quality and value for money.   
Whether it is a chair for short term use or for an individual with complex needs, we can help you find the fit chair, and our therapists can work with you to ensure a comfortable fit.   


Ultra lightweight wheelchairs

Rigid Frame Wheelchairs

Adjustable rigid frame wheelchairs

SORG Jump Beta

Adjustable folding frame wheelchairs

Economical Wheelchairs

Economical folding wheelchairs


SORG Loop side view.jpg

Tilt-in-space wheelchairs

  • Guppy (weight limit 75kgs)

Motum also stocks a wide range of wheelchair accessories, seating systems and bathing/toileting products to improve comfort, independence and mobility across all aspects of life.