Ankle Supports

At Motum we understand that careful positioning of the feet is critical as it indirectly influences the position of the pelvis and therefore the overall posture of the user.  It can also have an impact on trying to prevent deformities in the feet.  For these reasons we stock the very best range of supports from Anatomic SITT, SPEX and Bodypoint.  For details of all our ankle support options please scroll below. 

Anatomic SITT

Anatomic SITT ankle holder

The ankle holder from Anatomic SITT is designed to limit pronation and supination range and can easily be mounted onto almost any footplate.

Available in two finishes:

  • Soft Pro: a neoprene material with built in stretch
  • Exclusive: a leather look material that is easy to wipe clean

Sizes (diameter around ankle)

  • Small:     16-24cm
  • Medium: 22-28cm
  • Large:     26-32cm

Spex Seating

Spex Foot-fast ankle stabilisers

Spex Foot-fasts have a unique shape that anatomically surrounds the ankle for superior comfort and support.

Also available with a posterior retainer strap which adds extra hold to the Foot-fasts.

Sizes (diameter around ankle)

  • Small:      15-23cm
  • Medium22-30cm
  • Large:      26-38cm


Bodypoint Ankle Huggers

These ankle support straps help balance the lower body in response to upper body movements. Their design provides a more stable, comfortable and dynamic alternative to rigid shoe holders or foot straps.