Axion Rotary Headrest Mount


Rotation to empower the user

This clever mount enables wheelchair headrests to rotate. It’s suited to users with limited head control, a limited range of motion or field of vision or those who frequently rotate their head against a headrest.


Available to suit 25mm, 19mm, 17mm headrest ball stems.


Attaches to most headsets and most mounting hardware

  • Each size is available for 60 or 90 degrees of total rotation
  • Quiet, free running and does not require lubrication
  • The range of rotation can be limited or stopped at the turn of a knob, and the rotation can be slowed if required.

Additional information about the Axion can be found on Symmetric Designs’ own website. Motum also stocks a range of the Canadian company’s headrests and custom seating solutions available for trial.