Bariatric Sorrento chair

Seating Matters

Suitable for individuals up to 290kgs

Like the standard Sorrento, the Bariatric model combines support and comfort but it has also been designed with strength in mind to accommodate individuals with heavier body weight and larger physical size.

This chair caters for individuals with reduced mobility, flexible contractures, post-operative rehab needs, postural problems and pressure issues.   It can also be converted to include forward tilt for rehabilitation or in self transferring situations and features removable arms which can assist with side transferring or sling application and removal.


  • Fully motorised
  • Tilt in Space
  • Back recline and elevating leg rest
  • Removable arms
  • Helps manage pressure
  • A range of accessories

Optional features


  • Available in five seat widths – from 55cm – 75cm  
  • Seat depth and other dimensions are adjustable
  • Chair weight (unloaded) is 120kgs. 
  • Maximum user weight = 290kgs.

For full details of the Bariatric Sorrento chair features please download the brochure.

Seating Matters recently completed a two-year clinical trial with the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, looking at the principles of correct seating.  The study demonstrated that correct seating – using these armchairs, reduced skin breakdown and pressure ulcers by 88 per cent in a 12 week period. (The research summary can be found here).

Motum stocks the full range of Seating Matters chairs and can provide advice on the best chair for a range of needs, including postural support, pressure relief and general comfort.

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