Anatomic SITT

Anatomic SITT buckles

Anatomic SITT offers a wide range of buckles for its range of pelvic belts and pelvic supports

Spex Seating

Spex seating buckles

The Spex hip belt range can be ordered with three buckle options.


Bodypoint buckles

Bodypoint hip belts are available with either 2 or 4 mounting points and a range of buckle types.

Push-Button: Removable cover

Push-Button: Removable cover


Security Buckle Cover: Limits access to even the smallest fingers

XS Metal Push-Button: Strong, secure.  For child-sized belts

Rehab Latch: Airline-style, for limited hand function

Extra Small SecurityBuckle Cover: Snaps over existing XS push-button buckle

Plastic Side-Release: Crush-resistant, avoids accidental release


Reduced Access Buckle Cover: Helps avoid accidental release