Anatomic SITT

1. Anatomic SITT Bracelet

The Bracelet from Anatomic SITT is designed for clients who would like to stabilise or reduce the range of movement in an upper limb.

Available in 2 finishes:

  • Soft Pro: a neoprene material with built in stretch
  • Exclusive: a leather look material that is easy to wipe clean


  • Small:      Padded cushioning size 5cm x 16cm
  • Large:      Padded cushioning size 5cm x 20cm

Spex Seating

2. Spex Padded Forearm Straps

  • Buckle Fastened
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Can attach with wood screws to wooden armpads or through existing armpad attachment points.


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Spex Seating

3. Spex Padded Calf Strap

  • Velcro Attachment
  • Soft water-resistant pad
  • Padded with pressure-relieving foam infill


4. Bodypoint Aeromesh Calf Support

The Aeromesh Calf Support provides air circulation and comfort while maintaining its shape to virtually eliminate folding and buckling. With great pressure distribution and durability, the Aeromesh Calf Supports are a dependable solution for supporting the lower legs and controlling flexion without risk of bruising.


  • Stiffened, multi-layer laminated construction for long-term shape retention
  • Cushioning Aeromesh fabric top layer for improved air circulation
  • Easy-opening straps for quick adjustments in fit
  • Lightweight, but super durable
  • Edge-bound, laminated pad will not cut into the calf