Anatomic SITT
Sternum Support

Anatomic SITT sternum support

The sternum support series provides concentrated but comfortable support over the sternum.  This support can be fitted to most types of seating systems.

Available in two finishes:

  • Soft Pro: a neoprene material with built in stretch
  • Exclusive: a leather look material that is easy to wipe clean


How to measure

Spex vest harness

Spex Seating

The Spex Vest harness has greater coverage across the chest where support is needed. In addition it has a low neck design for safety and stomach clearance cut-out for comfort.  Release buckles are fitted in all four corners for easy fitting and removal.


BodyPoint Stayflex™ chest support

The Stayflex™ chest support gives firm support to users needing trunk control  without sacrificing comfortable shoulder movement. The "dual-zone" elastic construction helps to reduce the risk of strangulation as it prevents the support from shifting upwards at the neckline as the user leans forward..

The harness is available in standard fit, narrow fit (especially good for females) and can come with or without a central zip.

BodyPoint MonoFlex™ chest support

For users seeking strong but comfortable abdominal/chest support in their chair, the Monoflex™ is a good dynamic solution. Its high-strength elastic padding provides enough stretch for comfort, while maintaining trunk control. The double-tapered shape distributes pressure across the mid-section without interfering with free arm movement.