Contoured seating

High-tech comfort

Our contoured seating is made with some of the most advanced methods available and is ideal for anyone with acute positioning needs and can be fitted to most wheelchairs. 

Combining years of expertise and a fully 3D system, Motum's therapists precisely capture your body shape.  The cushion is then created using this information by a sophisticated 7-axis robotic cutting arm.  We've been extremely impressed by the accuracy this technology delivers - in fact, recent testing has shown that the accuracy of the finished product to the original scan is 99.46 per cent!


  • A more breathable open-cell foam to reduce heat
  • Various levels of pressure relief and support can be achieved through the use of different types or combinations of foam
  • Minor adjustments can be made if necessary by cutting or adding foam where appropriate
  • The backrest and base cushion are separate - this means adjustments to angle and position are possible and that individual parts may be replaced as needed.
  • Easily removable covers in a range of colours and insulating material
  • A range of accompanying accessories are available including trays, foot boxes, headrests, communication device mounts and postural harnesses.