Custom hybrid seating

Mix and match for best results

Every person we see comes to us with a different lifestyle, set of needs and interests, therefore, we understand the value of offering the widest range of seating and positioning options possible. 

With this in mind, custom seating can be devised using any combination of our static and dynamic seating systems.

The other thing we really love is that the exact choice of seat can be decided after the moulding and 3D scanning process.  We are very experienced in custom seating and can happily advise you of the pros and cons of every option.

Some examples of customised static hybrid seating are:

Dynamic seating

We can also combine most of our custom seating systems with the fantastically versatile seat frame of a Delfi Pro (for kids) or  a Sharky Pro (for adults).  This provides a dynamic seating solution that can help absorb extensor tone and allow extensor movement. 

Some examples of customised dynamic hybrid seating are:

Additionally, we are able to provide clinical advice and seating solutions around other specialised or off-the-shelf products such as gel or air cushions.