Freewheel Wheelchair Attachment


Get out and explore!

FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment

Whether you have a rigid or folding frame wheelchair, the FreeWheel is your ticket to roll over any type of terrain. 

Curbs, dirt trails, grass, gravel and sand are no longer an obstacle. With the FreeWheel your wheelchair casters are lifted off the ground turning you into a 3-wheel, all-terrain chair. 

The FreeWheel makes it easier to  wheel yourself and makes you feel more secure when someone is pushing you.  No more staring at the ground watching for obstacles, or wasting energy popping a "wheelie" at every rough spot.

The FreeWheel comes with all you need to set it up on your chair. The initial installation takes approximately 15 minutes however after that it clamps on in seconds.   There is also even an easy to install rack which utilises the design of the FreeWheel to allow you to easily carry groceries, luggage, schoolbags, fishing gear, etc. with ease. With this you no longer need to worry about items falling from your lap.

To see how it works just check out the video below: