Series 4 Kids


A folding powered wheelchair for kids

The Glide Series 4 Kids is a powered wheelchair  designed for maximum functionality and manoeuvrability.   Like its bigger brother (the Glide Series 4) it features compact aluminium construction and is designed to ensure maximum flexibility when moving around indoors whilst not sacrificing any outdoor viability.  Its folding construction makes it easier to transport and store while its relative light weight reduces battery drain. 

As with all Glide wheelchairs, the Series 4 is custom made in Australia to suit the user's exact requirements.

At Motum we are able to organise trials of this chair including a wide range of off-the-shelf or customised postural seating options to best suit your child's needs.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Standard features

  • Seat Frame - Aluminium folding modular frame

  • Brakes - Electromagnetic and manual attendant

  • Dynamic DK Shark electronic control system

  • Battery - 2 x 12V 12 Amp Hour Batteries

  • Crash tested to AS 3696:19 when fitted with Glide tie-down plates

  • Large choice of frame colours

Optional Features

  • Huge range of seating options (off-the-shelf and customised)
  • Customised seat widths, depths and seat to floor heights
  • Various armrest, legrest and accessory holder options
  • Plus a huge range of accessories from the Glide range

Download the Glide Series 4 brochure for additional information.