Anatomic SITT

Small, lightweight and flexible

This compact tilt-in-space wheelchair base offers a well-balanced and easy to push frame which can easily interface with a large variety of seating systems including the Delfi Pro and other customised solutions.

We particularly like the fact clever design features enable an off-the-shelf product to accommodate different user needs. And at 14kg it's certainly light! 

Standard features

  • Easy to adjust axle plate, enabling the centre of gravity to be shifted quickly and easily
  • Flexibility in positioning the seating system so as to find the optimal position for self-propelling or even weight distribution
  • Quick release wheels available in a range of sizes (16” – 24”), making it suitable for self-propel or attendant control configurations
  • Smooth tilt-in-space mechanism from 0-32°
  • Drum brakes included as standard.

Sizes (see table below)

  • Total frame weight - 14kg
  • Crash tested and approved for 75kg

Please download the Anatomic SITT Guppy brochure for additional information.