Jump Alpha


Custom-made and clever

The Jump Alpha is part of a new generation of foldable wheelchairs thanks to its size, optimised flexibility and high levels of stability.

 A completely customisable design (and yes, this includes a huge range of different colours!), this chair is great for children and adults alike, offering all the benefits of a rigid frame chair but with a foldable frame.   


  • Seat widths - from 24cm – 38cm

  • Seat depths - from 28cm – 36cm

Standard features

  • Foldable aluminium frame - straight or abducted

  • Aluminium seat plate SeatFix or adjustable seat cloth (growable in seat depth without any additional parts)

  • Standard or profile wheels with integrated handrims

  • Quick release axles

  • Pneumatic or solid tyres;

  • 30+different colour and finishing options

Extra features

  • Anatomical seat and back cushions

  • Adjustable recline options

  • Leg supports adjustable in three dimensions

  • Adjustable handles and bars

  • A range of side guards and arm pads

  • Alternative brake systems

  • Tray

  • Single hand controls (one arm drive);

  • Customised seat and cushion colour, plus 250+ spoke and handrim cover designs

  • All-terrain front wheel option


Download the SORG Jump Alpha brochure for additional information and remember, we’re therapists so we can help to create a completely customised chair that fits well and delivers plenty of functionality!