Kids manual wheelchairs

This range of manual wheelchairs has been specifically selected to enable kids to be kids – something the Motum therapists feel very passionate about.  

While our range is diverse all of our paediatric manual wheelchairs have three similarities – great build quality, clever design features and they look good. But, perhaps most importantly, they ALL grow, just like children, helping them to last longer.

Our therapists can help to determine the most suitable chair and ensure a great fit too.  And, don’t forget to ask about customisation options – we’ve designed some brilliant looking chairs for little football fans, to Lego-lovers and Peppa Pig enthusiasts!


Very active user wheelchairs

Rigid Frame Wheelchairs

Adjustable rigid frame wheelchairs


Adjustable folding frame wheelchairs


Self propelled tilt-in-space wheelchairs

SORG Loop side view.jpg

Attendant propelled tilt-in-space wheelchairs


Motum also stocks a range of strollers for younger children as well as high-low indoor mobility options and wheelchair accessories.