Independence for very young and active children

We believe all children should have the opportunity to just be kids and explore the world around them which is why we really like the Kika.

This is an excellent 'first' tilt-in-space wheelchair and is a great way to help kids move from the passive environment of a stroller to a more active and self-determined style of mobility. 

It looks good too - with more than 25 different colour variations and light up wheels!


  • Seat width - 20 - 30cm
  • Depth of seat -  20 - 32cm
  • Back height - 20 - 45cm
  • Weight limit - 40kg

Standard features:

  • Rigid aluminium frame

  • Plastic clothing protector with integrated parking brake

  • Back-seat unit completely tilt-able by 30°

  • Backrest adjustable in angle from 80-120°

  • Backrest able to be folded

  • Standard steering wheels in 4 ", 5" or 6 "or transparent steering wheel with LEDs

  • 25+ different colour variations

Additional options:

  • Contoured seat and back moulded parts

  • Headrests adjustable for comfortable resting position

  • Leg support with a continuous base plate, folded backwards, adjustable in height, depth and angle

  • Divided leg support, adjustable in angle from 90-180°

  • A range of push-rim coatings

  • Large variety of headrests and postural supports

  • Therapy trays

  • Drum brakes

  • A range of push handles

  • Safety wheels with foot control

  • More than 250 different spoke cover designs

** This wheelchair is built for the individual and we can script a chair around specific needs and lifestyles so feel free to contact us for a chat.


Download the SORG Kika brochure for additional information.