A perfect fit for customised seating

The Loop is a new, fully scripted wheelchair designed specifically to accommodate customised seating.  It's suitable for children, adolescents and adults.

Our German supplier SORG specialises in creating good looking, extremely high quality mobility solutions and we're really excited about the Loop.  


  • Size 1 - seat width from 30cm- 42cm

  • Size 2 - seat width from 34cm - 46cm

  • Size 3 - seat width from 38cm - 50cm

Standard features

  • All parameters can be adjusted precisely to suit the user
  • Grows in three dimensions
  • Tilt-able from -5° up to +35° or from +2.5 up to +40°
  • A huge range of colour options

Additional options

  • A large range of leg support options
  • Ultra-light drum brake wheels in 12'', 20'', 22'' and 24''
  • A second gas pressure spring to aid tilt
  • Single-hand controls
  • Universal adapter for seat systems
  • Outdoor front end - making it easier to push over rough terrain

Download the SORG Loop brochure for additional information.

**Don't forget - we’re also therapists so we can help to create a completely customised seating system that fits well and delivers plenty of functionality!

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