Lynx seating

Strong, adjustable seating

Lynx seating is a specialised postural support and seating system. The design uses a series of interlocking crosses, each arm of which is slotted with a clamp attaching it to the adjacent cross.  This strong material can be formed to correspond accurately to an individual's body shape. The final product is then covered with a padded upholstery cover.


  • Lynx offers excellent air circulation because of its open mesh structure
  • Offers a firm supportive surface
  • Can be adjusted by removing/adding or moving components. Changes in the client’s size and shape can therefore be accommodated
  • Removable covers make cleaning easier
  • Large flowing contours can be formed


  • The metallic reinforcing structure will be visible in the finished product
  • As this is a strong and resilient seating system, the finished product can be heavier than other seating solutions
  • The Lynx components should be checked regularly and tightened where necessary for optimal positioning