Matrix Seating


Customised Postural Support

Matrix is a specialised postural support and seating system. The design uses highly developed component parts that clamp together with connectors, allowing the creation of an optimal clinically supportive shape that is perfectly moulded to you.

Specific Features of Matrix Seating Systems

The 'segmented structure' of the design gives greater conformity and therefore greater comfort, function and corrective postural management.

The Matrix Seating System is suitable for people of all ages to use. Because it has the potential to be re-shaped and adjusted, it is appropriate for when children grow or change shape, or when adults need further accommodation of postural deformities. Now with the added feature of dynamic components, the seating can provide total body contouring with dynamic movement and targeted areas of strength and flexibility to meet individual needs.

Matrix Seating


  • Offers a firm supportive surface
  • Improvements to the Matrix clamping system have increased its strength
  • Can be easily cleaned and has removable covers
  • Choice of ether full body support system, or backrest only options
  • The moulded system allows for an increase in the surface area providing contoured supports (as compared to conventional lateral supports) to minimise pressure and maximise corrective positioning
  • Dynamic – can move with the user; shock absorbing and flexible
  • Allows for change, growth and adaptation to postural developments
  • Shape adjustments can be made directly whilst the user is seated improving fit quality
  • Client fittings can be quick but precise and achievable in one visit
  • The open-weave style allows for maximum airflow which can make it a cooler option than other moulded systems
  • Completely removable mounting system to easily attach or remove from the wheelchair canes


  • The metallic reinforcing structure will be visible in the finished product
  • The Matrix material is solid and robust however this can mean that the finished product can be heavy
  • The Matrix components should be checked regularly and tightened where necessary