Mio Move


Flexibility for younger users

We believe that all kids have an innate desire to learn and experiment, therefore we love what SORG has achieved with their new Mio Move.

This chair is brilliant for both active and passive use (ie. it’s a tiltable active user wheelchair) which is a rare combination.  This makes it an ideal first wheelchair for kids transitioning from a stroller.

Our German supplier’s HUGE range of colour and custom spokeguard options (not to mention light-up front castors, always a crowd-pleaser!) also make these chairs a winner for young people who want a fun chair that reflects their own personality.


  • Available in eight seat widths – from 20cm – 34cm

  • Available in 10 seat depths – 18cm – 36cm

  • Available in five back heights – 25cm – 45cm

Standard features

  • Easily changes between self-propelled and tilted modes

  • Grows in three dimensions, meaning it’ll last longer

  • Seat unit tiltable from -5° to 35°

  • Available in two frame options (Retro and Taurus)

  • 20+ different colours available

  • A wide range of accessories, including headrests, postural supports and belts, are also available.

Download the SORG Mio Move brochure for additional information. 

This is a wheelchair that is built around the individual and we can script a chair around specific needs and lifestyles so feel free to contact us for a chat.