Monaco chair

Seating Matters

A great fit

The Monaco is Seating Matters’ entry-level comfort armchair and is available in a large range of different seat widths and heights, providing an even more comfortable experience.

It’s ideal for users looking to avoid skin breakdown issues with only minor postural requirements.  It’s a great chair for those with reduced mobility but who still wish to retain independence during transfers.


  • Back recline
  • Adjustable seat height and angle
  • Lateral supports
  • Safe seated position
  • Helps manage pressure
  • Accommodates tight hamstrings
  • Infection control approved

Optional features


Available in:

  • Seven seat widths – from 40cm – 50cm
  • Six seat heights – from 37.5cm – 50cm
  • Seat depth and other dimensions are adjustable
  • Maximum chair weight (unloaded) is 67kgs
  • Maximum user weight = 113kgs – 248kg (subject to model selected)

For full details of the Monaco chair features please download the brochure.

Seating Matters recently completed a two-year clinical trial with the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, looking at the principles of correct seating.  The study demonstrated that correct seating – using these armchairs, reduced skin breakdown and pressure ulcers by 88 per cent in a 12 week period. (The research summary can be found here).

Motum stocks the full range of Seating Matters chairs and can provide advice on the best chair for a range of needs, including postural support, pressure relief and general comfort.

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