Pelvic stabilisation

If you are after pelvic control that is more substantial than what is traditionally offered by a pelvic support such as hip belt then you are in the right place!  We have options from A2J and Bodypoint that offer a different perspective on pelvic control.  Please scroll below for full details:



The Pelvi-Loc is considered the ultimate ‘pelvis-retraction’ system for users with difficulties stabilising their pelvis.

It works by firmly holding the pelvis and upper thighs, enabling the user to more efficiently control their posture.  It can be used on any equipment such as wheelchairs, indoor chairs and children’s strollers.

The 3D shape enable the Pelvi-Loc pads to provide
high levels of comfort even though the belt is firm on the pelvis.  This is even the case for clients with high muscle tone (where this belt is particularly effective). 

Pad features:

  • Optimal 3-dimensional, contoured pelvic positioning pads
  • Contoured shape reduces pelvic pressure

Buckle features:

  • Positive ‘toothed ratchet’ tensioning system
  • Can be easily operated with one hand
  • Easy to use ratchet levers
  • Numbering on the front strap allows accurate tension every time
  • Easily adjusts to accommodate different thicknesses of clothing
  • Two buckle options (see below)

When ordering please specify if you would like webbing mounting or a solid mount with your belt


Bodypoint Evoflex pelvic stabiliser

The Bodypoint Evoflex padded pelvic stabiliser is a new concept in pelvic stability that keeps its shape and stays where it belongs for maximum support, versatility and ease of use.

The Evoflex is the first support with stiffened end straps that stay right where you need them and won’t twist or fall into the wheels.


  • Straps pivot forward and back for easy transfers
  • Better stability due to a closer fit
  • Simple, low-profile fastener fits into even the tightest places
  • Resistant to abrasion, tearing and temperature extremes
  • Can be installed on almost any chair style with a variety of mounting options

  • The Evoflex mounts close to the body, making it ideal for active users or users requiring more positive pelvic control