Pelvic supports

Hip belts / Pelvic belts / Anti-rotation belts

Here at Motum we understand the importance of correctly posturally supporting the pelvis.  We therefore stock the very best range of supports  from Anatomic SITT, SPEX A2J and Bodypoint.  For details of all our soft style pelvic belts please scroll through the five options below. 

If you are after something with greater rigidity or control then please check out the Pelvic Stabilisation page.

Anatomic SITT

Anatomic SITT Sittbelt

The Sittbelt from Anatomic SITT is designed to control the pelvis as well as to avoid shearing and consequently
unnecessary pressure. 

Available with 2 or 4 points of attachment, the SIttbelt can be positioned very accurately to maximise pelvic positioning. There are also a large range of different buckles to suit every person.

Available in 2 finishes:

  • Soft Pro: a neoprene material with built in stretch
  • Exclusive: a leather look material that is easy to wipe clean
How to measure


Anatomic SITT Anti-rotational belt

When more pelvic stability is required, the Anti-Rotational belt is a clever solution that combines soft comfort with increased pelvic control. The unique triangular shape of the hip pads provide increased surface area to evenly distribute the pressure over the pelvic bones, and apply even force without discomfort.

With 2 fastening points on each side, the belt stabilises the pelvis and hips in a optimal position, consequently reducing the shear and unnecessary pressure on pelvic and coccyx areas.

Made of strong yet flexible and padded material with a choice of buckles, the anti-rotational belt is a great solution for pelvic control and comfort.

Measuring for a belt

Spex Seating

Spex wheelchair anterior hip belts

The Spex hip belts cater for a wide range of anterior pelvic positioning needs. They include specially designed webbing and non-slip attachments.

Available with:

  • either 2-point or 4-point mounting;
  • a choice of three buckles (side-release, centre-release or steel anti-escape); and
  • three configurations (centre-pull, side-pull or dual centre-pull).


Bodypoint padded hip belts

Bodypoint padded hip belts incorporate a seamless transition from the creep-resistant webbing to the contoured pads and rounded edge binding where they contact the user.

The belts are available with either 2 or 4 mounting points and a range of buckle types.


Bodypoint quad belts

The Bodypoint Quad Belt gives a person with virtually no hand function a unique way to tighten and loosen the belt. It has a belt stiffener and a thumb socket so that users can insert the buckle tongue into the buckle. It comes with the Bodypoint exclusive Rehab Latch Buckle with its easy-to-adjust mechanism and easy-to-open latch.