We’re all about comfort!

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While Motum sells a range of carefully selected products, we’ll always be therapists first and foremost.  This means that postural assessments are a key part of our work. 

We can:

  • recommend and prescribe commercially available products;
  • create individualised postural support seating systems; and
  • modify existing equipment.

We are especially experienced when it comes to those individuals with complex postural needs – such as people with Cerebral Palsy and Muscular Dystrophy.

Wheelchairs and seating systems are something we know very well, so we’ll always recommend the best solution – this may mean a stroller, wheelchair, car seat or seating system from Motum’s own range; or recommending you speak to another supplier if they have a product we think could be the right system for you; or creating a system customised around a highly unique set of needs. 

Our ultimate priority is to ensure a client is able to sit comfortably, move well and live life as they wish.


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