Profile seating

Custom-fit, lightweight support 

Vacuum moulded seating

Profile seating is Motum's lightest weight custom seating solution. 

As with all our custom seating, we combine years of clinical expertise with a fully 3D digital system to precisely capture your body shape.  This shape is then sent to a sophisticated 7-axis robotic cutting arm that machines a mould of your body shape.  The seating is then made by vacuum forming a layer of foam and plastic over the mould of your body shape. The edges of this shell are then trimmed and one or two (if an element of growth is desirable) removable foam liners are fitted under a padded cover fitted.


  • A flex-joint can be fitted to provide a dynamic back (which helps to absorb extensor movements)
  • The seating is low profile as doesn't require any additional reinforcement. 
  • Very low maintenance
  • Offers a firm, supportive surface ideally suited for clients aiming for corrective positioning
  • Almost any conceivable shape is achievable
  • Can be fabricated as a full or split-seat
  • The use of removable liners allows for limited growth and adjustment.


This type of seating is inherently insulating do to the limited air circulation.  Some clients can get very warm in this type of seating so, in this situation, we cut air-holes to to improve ventilation.