S2 Swing


The lightweight chair with swing-away leg support

For clients wanting an ultra-light wheelchair with added benefit of swing-away leg supports we cannot recommend the S2 Swing more highly.

This chair drives beautifully, it features Panthera’s clever ergonomic design to ensure comfort and it’s also the lightest rigid framed wheelchair model with movable leg supports on the market.


  • Available in four seat widths – from 36cm – 45cm

  • Seat depth – 40cm 

Standard features

  • Total chair weight from 9.7kg (frame only weight from 6.1kg)

  • Movable leg supports and foldable footrests in the standard design

  • Easily adjustable centre of gravity

  • Also available in Short frame option (50mm shorter chassis when compared to the standard model)

  • A range of specialist accessories available.

Further details on the S2 Swing and the S2 Swing Short can be found on the Panthera website.