Savant Headrest


Great for total head control

The Savant is a light-weight and cleverly designed headrest offering support at three levels to control lateral flexion and rotation. 

We particularly like that the silicon pads can be shaped by hand (and are simple to reshape during any repositioning) and that it’s been designed with the client’s needs in mind – it’s easy to clean, has low heat retention/ good air circulation and, perhaps most importantly, allows for total head control.


Available in three sizes – adult, small and paediatric (full sizing information is available here).


  • Easily shaped by hand
  • Designed to maximise user comfort
  • High Lateral Pads give effective lateral flexion control
  • Mid-Lateral Pads are shaped for comfort behind the ears
  • Sub-Occipital Pads form extra support below the mandible
  • Low profile headband can be used for anterior support (included as standard)

Additional information about the Savant can be found on Symmetric Designs’ own website. Motum also stocks a range of the Canadian company’s headrests and custom seating solutions available for trial.