Sharky Pro

Anatomic SITT

WA's first dynamic seating system

The Sharky Pro is a uniquely adjustable and adaptable seating system.  If we had to pick a one single product from our range that embodies Motum’s “your comfort, your mobility, your life” philosophy this would be it!

This seating system is absolutely customisable to individual needs and is ideal for heavy users and those with complex needs, especially active extensor tone. It can also accommodate a wide variety of musculo-skeletal difficulties, (Kypho-scoliosis, Posterior pelvic tilt and hip subluxation). 


  • Two size options, seat widths ranging from 36cm – 49cm
  • Fully adjustable with a three-way lateral support system
  • Adjustable seat depth (up to 10cm), adduction and abduction leg positioners and pelvic stabiliser
  • Unique “flex joint” dynamic support
  • In-built lumbar support
  • Extensive range of accessories, including head rests, footplates, trays, support options – there’s even a sun shade!
  • Washable lining

 For best results, we recommend that the Sharky Pro is mounted to a Seabass Pro, Flipper Pro, or Flipper Pro Flex mobility base.


Please download the Anatomic SITT Sharky Pro brochure for additional information.

To see just how adaptable the Sharky Pro is we recommend watching the below video.