Spex Seating

SPEX Seating Cushions


Comfortable Postural Support Cushions

1. Spex DualTec

Standard flat foam cushion with built in self contouring foam to ‘mould and hold’ the pelvic position. Designed for low level postural support needs, with low maintenance required. Simple lightweight solution for people needing added comfort to their seat. Available in a range of sizes to suit any wheelchair, with choice of either standard or water-resistant cover. 

2. Spex Vigour

The Vigour cushion is recommended  for people who require mild to moderate postural control to address mild asymmetrical postures. Made from a combination of highly resilient foam and gel-foam, this cushion stabilises and centralises the pelvic position and seated posture to improve comfort and function. In addition, the gel foam ischial well can distribute the pressure under the pelvis and reduce shear forces.

Available in either standard contour or high contour, with choice of accessories including customised modifications, rigidiser options, and types of covers.

Comes with washable Spacer fabric cover and BONUS incontinence cover

3. Spex Contour Cushion

The Spex cushion is recommended for people with moderate to severe postural positioning needs and pressure management requirements. The cushion can be adjusted by adding foam or contouring pads, and as such is a customisable solution to correct pelvic asymmetries or accommodate unique fixed pelvic positions. There is also removable supports to address pelvic obliquity or limited hip flexion, as well as gel foam in the ischial well for pressure distribution.

Available in either standard contour or high contour, the cushion can also be customised to include such things as:

  • Pre-Ischial Shelf
  • Hip Belt Slots
  • Inbuilt Abductor Pommel
  • Inbuilt Adductor Thigh Guides
  • Rear cut-outs for backrest canes
  • Custom cut-out for Leg Length Discrepancy
  • No pommel shaping/contouring on cushion
  • Extra layer of soft SunMate® overlay
  • Cushion rear corner ties (attaches cushion to backrest canes)
  • Mobile phone/Accessory pocket for cushion
  • Supracor® Covers
  • Gel Options

For further details please download the brochure.