Tilty Vario


Lightweight design + tilt-in-space  = a more active lifestyle

The Tilty Vario has all the benefits of a tilt-in-space wheelchair but thanks to its clever lightweight design it also puts the user in charge by enabling independent self propulsion. 

Suitable for all ages, the chair is easy to adjust to ensure the user is both sitting and moving comfortably.


  • Seat width - 28 - 40cm

  • Seat depth- 30 - 40cm

  • Back height - 30 - 45cm

  • Weight capacity - 90kg

Standard features

  • Rigid aluminium frame with 10cm abduction (for stability)
  • Seat-back-unit steplessly tilt-able by 30° by gas pressure spring

  • Back completely stow-able and angle adjustable by 40°

  • Standard wheels with aluminium hand-rims, profile wheels with inlay hand-rims or 12“ wheels

  • Pneumatic or solid tyres

  • Standard casters in 5“ - 6“ or transparent casters with LEDs

  • Highly adjustable axle plate (to adjust centre of gravity and set-up of chair)

  • 25+ frame colours

Additional options

  • Seat extension for growable seat depth

  • Anatomically formed seat and back parts

  • Many different seat- and back-cover fabrics and designs

  • Different types of leg support, adjustable in height, depth and angle

  • Spring-loaded leg support

  • Drum brakes

  • Hand-rim covers and inlays

  • A range of side guards and arm rests

  • Head rests

  • A range of push handles

  • Safety wheels with foot control or Transit Safety Wheels

  • Brake lever extensions

  • Single-hand aid and double hand-rim

  • Crutch holder and tipping lever

  • Backside bag (attachable to back tubes)

  • Different additional postural stabilising options

  • Therapy trays

  • More than 250 different spoke cover designs


** This wheelchair is built for the individual and we can script a chair around specific needs and lifestyles so feel free to contact us for a chat.

Download the SORG Tilty Vario brochure for additional information.