Ultra lightweight manual wheelchairs

Motum is really excited to be able to offer another Australian first – products from the manufacturer of the world’s lightest wheelchairs, Panthera.

We have been seriously impressed by this range of chairs - from it's ultra light adult chairs (the remarkable Panthera X and the excellent value U2 Light) to the Micro which has been designed for toddlers, these chairs encapsulate everything we stand for - comfort, mobility and living life the way you want.

World's lightest wheelchair

Weighs only 6.84kgs


Ultralight and innovative


Great all-rounders


For very active kids

For very small kids!

Motum's team of experienced therapists are experts in seating and mobility solutions - we can make recommendations on the best suited chair for an individual's needs - just give us a call. 

We also stocks a wide range of wheelchair accessories, and seating solutions to improve comfort, independence and mobility across all aspects of life.