V-Trak AXXIS segmented backrests

Performance Health Products

Off-the-shelf customisable seating

The AXXIS segmented range of backrest options are built around mounting hardware which allows adjustment for seat depth, backrest angle, backrest height and spinal/pelvic rotation.

The unique segmented backrest shells have adjustable "wings" to provide lateral support where required. Integrated strapping within the segments allows for adjustment to provide the ideal lumbar / thoracic profile and creating a custom fit for any body.

As with the AXXIS one-piece backrests each segment is available in standard or deep contour profiles and a full range of sizes from small paediatric to large adult.

The AXXIS segmented system integrates well with a wide range of accessories, including head rests, lateral supports, harness adaptors cushion retainers etc.

It will also allow for fitting of a wide range of third party accessories.  For full details of how the system works please watch the video below:

Segmented Backrest
Axxis Segmented