Great for active lifestyles 

This rigid framed wheelchair is sturdy and remarkably lightweight and handles really well, making it ideal for those seeking independence and flexibility – at whatever age.


  • Seat widths - from 20cm - 46 cm

  • Seat depths - from 22cm - 42cm

Standard features

  • Three frame options - straight, abducted and adducted

  • Growable (4cm in seat depth and width, 5cm in back height) or fixed position options

  • Adjustable seat (by up to 13°)

  • Variable wheel camber

  • Pneumatic or solid tyres

  • Standard castors in 4 inch to 7 inch sizes or transparent castors with LEDs

  • 25+ colour and finish options

Extra features

  • SeatFix - firm aluminium seat plate

  • Anatomically formed seat and back parts

  • Adjustable recline options (from 80° - 120°) and completely stowable

  • Leg supports adjustable in three dimensions

  • Drum brakes

  • Castor equipment and track fixation

  • All-terrain front wheel option

  • Special handrim covers and inlays

  • A range of side guards and arm pads

  • A range of head rests

  • Different handle variations

  • Safety wheels with foot control, adjustable in height

  • Different brake lever extensions

  • Single-hand aids and double handrims

  • Tray

  • 250+ different spoke cover designs


Download the SORG Vector brochure for additional information.  This is a wheelchair that is built around the individual and we can script a chair around specific needs and lifestyles so feel free to contact us for a chat.