V-Trak X-Tend Headrest Mount

Performance Health Products

Multi-Axis universal headrest mount

The X-Tend is a unique and elegant solution to the installation, adjustment, removal and inter-changeability of headrests of all types.

The X-Tend has been designed for the user, therapist and technician to provide near limitless head positing to meet the most demanding of client needs, delivering optimum comfort, function and clinical outcomes.

It is able to be mounted onto most backrest or custom seating systems and has the option of a quick-release bracket.  As well as working with the V-Trak Tetrixx range of headrest pads the X-Tend is compatible with almost all 3rd party headrests.  This makes the X-Tend one of the most universal, multi-axis headrest interfaces available today. 

To see how it works please watch the video at the bottom of this page.


The X-Tend hardware is used in conjunction with V-trak hardware as well as customised systems such as Matrix. For this demo it is mounted on a backrest extension and it shows the Quick release and the variety of movement you can get from the ball joints and how to change the ball size from 1" (25.4mm) to 16mm for other headrests.