Wheels and passions unite

Wheels and passions unite

Motum has always been about working with clients to equip them with the kit they need to live life to the fullest of their abilities (we’re therapists after all!), however,  we were recently (or perhaps that should be yet again) reminded that there are also some truly great associations and organisations out there helping to create opportunities for people with a disability in WA.

We’d like to start compiling a bit of a directory of these on the website as they come to our attention.

To kick it off we thought we would start with a list of five locally-based groups that are offering wheelchair users a way to indulge their passions, refine their sporting skills and have fun.

Disability Surfers Association 

These guys get top billing chiefly because they were the inspiration for this list- we spotted one of the vehicles loaded up with gear to get wheelchairs onto the beach and their users into the ocean.

DSA has two branches in WA – one in Perth and one in the South West.  Both run regular ‘Let’s go surfing’ days during the summer months (Leighton Beach for those in Perth, and at both Bunker Bay and Albany for those living in the South). We love that it’s so inclusive and that people with all types of disabilities are encouraged to take part.

Visit the Perth or South West Facebook pages to search for upcoming events and to find out more.

Rebound WA

Basketball is probably the sport we hear most about from our clients –  with children as young as five being able to give it a go – and Rebound WA is the go-to place for this, as well as a host of other sports including wheelchair bowls, rugby and tennis.

In their own words they are “much more than just a sports club”. They also offer a range of social, recreational and sporting opportunities encouraging members to live fuller, healthier and more active lifestyles.

Dive Unlimited 

Who says just because you have a mobility issue you can’t go scuba diving? It was great to see a couple of wheelchair users being able to do something they clearly love doing when ABC’s 7.30 Report profiled the unique work that Dive Unlimited is doing.

Dive Unlimited says it wants to make the opportunity to learn what goes on beneath the surface of the ocean to everyone, regardless of their situation – and that’s certainly something we wholeheartedly support.

Cricket Champs 

Cricket is in Motum’s blood (well… sort of, Kym’s cousin is Adam Voges after all!) so we were keen to learn more when one of the mum’s we were chatting with mentioned Cricket Champs, a program that welcomes boys and girls of all abilities aged 6-16 – the goal is just to have fun and learn some new skills.

This report by Channel Seven’s Today Tonight explains how it works – and, we’re especially pleased to see it’s not just Perth kids who benefit, the program is also being run in Bunbury.


Perth is blessed with one of the most beautiful rivers in the world and a sea breeze that makes sailing a hugely popular pastime for many.

Established in 2000, Sailability WA has given hundreds of Western Australians the opportunity to sail on the Swan, regardless of their ability, mobility or circumstances.  Running from October through until the end of April the organisation offers weekly classes (both high and low support options) as well as regular opportunities for people who’ve never sailed before to give it a go.  Most of the activities are based out of Royal Perth Yacht Club, however, South of Perth Yacht Club  and Albany’s Princess Royal Sailing Club also run regular programs.

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