Wolturnus arrives in Australia

Wolturnus arrives in Australia

Wolturnus arrives in Australia
Being the HUGE fans of clever, functional and beautiful wheelchair design that we are, Motum is excited to be bringing a whole new range from Wolturnus to Australia for the first time.

Why we like Wolturnus
This Danish company is raising the bar when it comes to chairs that are designed and built to enable users to live life to their fullest potential.

They are fully customisable, lightweight and feature excellent build quality. They are also extremely good looking (in our opinion…. and we see a lot of wheelchairs!).

General use chairs
There are several different styles in the Wolturnus range for day-to-day use… but it’s important to know that because every chair is built around its owner, no two Wolturnus chairs are ever quite the same.

Sports chairs
We’re really impressed by these chairs. The handmade craftsmanship shows making them good value for money – and a comfortable ride. Our range of sports chairs includes ones for basketball, rugby, tennis and athletics.

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of cycling. Wolturnus has established a reputation for seriously good handbikes…quite possibly because the guys at Wolturnus started out originally in the bike industry!

Road bikes, mountain bikes, kneeling bikes and fatbikes– there’s something for everyone in this range.

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