Alber E-Motion wheelchair power assistance wheels

Alber E-Motion Power Assistance

Boost independence while saving your shoulders and your energy with this international award winning wheelchair power kit. Designed to suit a range of users, the E-Motion will ease the strain of getting around, while continuing to help you get to where you need to go.



  • Maximises mobility and therapeutic benefit – chair is propelled using only minimal force, while your movement range is optimised
  • Wheel rims initiate both chair movement and breaking
  • Allows you to keep active, without the joint and muscle stress – hills and longer distances will now be achievable
  • Is compatible with almost all wheelchairs on the market


Technical Information

  • Electrical wheel hub supports the propelling movement
  • Electric motors integrated in wheel hubs to support users pushing force – sensors detect each push, and activate the precise degree of power required
  • Powerful electric motor with ultra long-lasting lithium batteries
  • Gearless drive technology and super low noise level so you can get where you need to go discreetly
  • Makes steeper gradients including ramps, and longer distances achievable for a range of users, including those with impaired strength
  • World premiere extended range and maintenance free lithium-ion wheel integrated batteries
  • Ergonomic Control System (ECS) combines therapeutic benefit with individual adjustment options
  • Easy to install, can be removed in seconds for easy car storage, and fits with most wheelchairs on the market
  • Battery charger adapts automatically to mains voltage (100 to 240V) – a boon for avid travellers. Batteries can be disconnected from wheel for separate transport
  • Winner of the 2008 Focus Green international design award
  • Winner of ‘Best Innovation’ award at REHACARE Düsseldorf, the peak international Trade Fair for rehabilitation-technics
  • A range of optional accessories to really customise your kit


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