SORG Tilty Vario wheelchair

SORG Tilty Vario

SORG has really nailed the design of chairs that can easily switch between an active, self-propelled mode and the more traditional tilt-in-space, attendant-propelled style. The Tilty Vario is a great example of this, suitable for all children and young adults.



  • Easily changes between self-propelled and tilted modes – great for those looking for more independence
  • Accommodates a range of custom inserts
  • Plenty of colour options – a great way to make a statement and show personality
  • Lots of accessories available – customise it for the life you want to live


Technical Information

  • Maximum user weight = 90kg
  • Range of sizes:
  • seat widths between 28cm – 40cm
  • seat depths between 30cm – 40cm
  • back heights between 30cm – 45cm
  • Rigid aluminium frame with 10cm abduction (for stability)
  • Seat-back-unit steplessly tilt-able by 30° by gas pressure spring
  • Back completely stow-able and angle adjustable by 40°
  • Standard wheels with aluminium hand-rims, profile wheels with inlay hand-rims or 12“wheels
  • Pneumatic or solid tyres
  • Standard casters in 5“- 6“ or transparent casters with LEDs
  • Highly adjustable axle plate (to adjust centre of gravity and set-up of chair)


Further reading
Download the SORG Tilty Vario brochure for additional information.

** This wheelchair is built for an individual user – we’re always happy to script a chair for specific needs and lifestyles so feel free to contact us for a chat.


This product is available for trial